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We mean business when it comes to meat.

Aside from the diverse blend of signature steak dishes, we offer an extensive selection of wines and crafted cocktails from different parts of the world.

Complementing the prime meats are our list of Classic American cocktails, whiskey, large bourbon, a strong affordable wine program, and non-commercial boutique wineries to give our guests a unique kind of taste adventure.

We mean business when it comes to meat.

Emphasizing premium quality meat sourced from sustainable farms, Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar is a steakhouse that mingles grit and grace. Grit refers to the grain and grass-fed signature beef, cocktail mixes that complement the suave masculinity of the interior design, balanced with the graceful curves of the flooring,

interior accents and dish accompaniments.

Cut off the bone and large steaks cuts are offered letting guests indulge in an amazing beef experience.

Raging Bull Chophouse, Shangri-La at The Fort

Specialty Dishes

Tomahawk Wagyu MS 5+ Grain fed Jack's Creek

NSW Australia 1100 grams

Everyone loves a good steak, but more importantly, more diners have become concerned with its origins. Provenance has become such an important factor to determine premium and quality cuts of meat. Jack’s Creek, an Australian beef producer, is world renowned and has taken the World’s Best Steak award for two consecutive years. A go-to brand for steak lovers, diners are sure to enjoy top-grade beef, evidenced by the Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar favorite, Tomahawk Wagyu.

Tomahawk 2018.jpg

Maryland Crab Cake

A New York City steakhouse staple, this classic dish has various recipes and is definitely a standout in all appetizer menus. At Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar, Chef Kai Lindner uses the freshest local Philippine mud crabs as the key ingredient on his take on the dish. This Maryland Crab Cake is packed with distinct flavors guaranteed to make it a Manila favorite.

Raging Bull Chophouse, Shangri-La at The Fort

Menu Items

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Caesar Salad


Grilled Atlantic salmon fillet

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The Chopping Block


Raging Bull Chophouse, Shangri-La at The Fort

Candy Floss Pavlova


Milk Chocolate and Ice Cream Bar